The New Thirteen Moons Cookbook is ready!

The New Thirteen Moons Cookbook is ready!

Introducing our new cookbook “Thirteen Moons: more seasonal recipes to nourish and inspire”

Since 2001, Thirteen Moons’ clients, including many non-vegetarians, have enjoyed Louise’s scrumptious meals. At their urging, a collection of recipes was assembled in 2006 welcoming them to share their fabulous food experience with friends and family. Thirteen Moons: seasonal recipes to nourish and inspire fast became a hit even amongst those who had never visited Thirteen Moons. In fact, sales of that cookbook remain strong today.

This second cookbook was created with the same philosophy – simple, accessible information and recipes with nutritional facts promoting sustainability while honouring the seasons. It features 100 more pages, with 130 new recipes, many gluten free with more raw and vegan options, to help you create truly enticing vegetarian meals effortlessly – a few of the most popular from the original book have been re-worked and updated. More importantly, you will be guided toward an inspiring and empowering philosophy about the foods you eat—a philosophy that will allow you to sustain good health by making food choices that will satisfy your desire for full, delicious flavour while being kind to our planet.

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What some of our fans have to say:

 “Louise infuses everything she prepares with love and care, while keeping her recipes refreshingly simple, and consistently delicious. Her cookbooks read like a breath of fresh air, and the meals prepared from them are food for the soul as well as the body.”

Caroline Owen, Yoga Educator and Owner of Wavelengths Yoga Studio and School.

“We’re lucky to have Louise Racine’s recipes guide us through the seasons with the vegetables we grow on our farm. Her recipes are easy to make, the ingredients are nutritious and wholesome, and the end results are always delicious. A perfect compliment to any holistic pantry.” 

Julie and Andrew, Growers of Community Shared Agriculture,

“My aunt and I are doing the ‘Julie and Julia’ thing by cooking our way through the amazingly yummy Thirteen Moons cookbook in a year. 52 recipes done at this point. My mom hugs me every time I cook another recipe. We’ve completely changed the way my family eats with just one cookbook! Thank you so much, Louise.”

16 year old Abbey, Barrie, Ontario

“It is not often that I come across a cookbook which provides nutritionally-balanced, easy-to-prepare and incredibly delicious recipes but Louise’s book has all of this! I use it all the time at home and feel confident recommending it to patients who are seeking a healthier lifestyle.”

Dr Diana R Ahmed, MD, Burlington, ON

We love these comments we received via email over the years.

“When I picked your book up, it settled into my hands with such a sense of comfort that I really didn’t need to even open it to know it was the right choice.” JM, Peterborough

“What a fabulous cook book. Simple, delicious, healthy, easy to follow, non- weird ingredients. Wow!!” NB, Toronto

I pulled out your cookbook and made 4 items for an event. They all taste delicious and are SO easy to make and they’re nutritious! ” SJ, Toronto

“Your recipes have been a huge success and the whole book has been so helpful to me in pursuing a healthier diet.” WE, Peterborough

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