Time to Say Goodbye

Time to Say Goodbye

Though not without its challenges for many, this spring has certainly blessed us with an opportunity to consider what’s most important. For me, after a year of personal loss with the unexpected passing of my beloved Stevie Boy, I have decided that it’s now time to say goodbye to the Thirteen Moons chapter of my life.

While short term rental businesses have just been granted permission to re-open, it comes with many restrictions and guidelines to keep everyone safe. While important to do so, this complicates even further service delivery for a business that hosts retreat guests in the way that we do.

As I embrace becoming an official senior, 20 years after making this special land home, it feels right to focus on me and how I might want be in this next phase of my life. I have certainly relished the space I’ve had to ponder that possibility over the past few months. 

I have never really given much thought to retiring, until the events of the past year.  It’s been such an honour to offer this sanctuary to so many deserving women over the years. While this is the best decision for me, and for that reason it came easy, I’m sure much emotion will bubble up over this un-patterning as this new reality settles in. Perhaps I will write about it if and when the time is right.

If you’ve been a guest here in the past, have purchased my cookbooks, attended a cooking workshop or even just been a newsletter subscriber, I hope you know that your support has meant so much to me. It’s been such a pleasure meeting so many interesting and diverse women and girls over the years. For sure, I will miss these special connections most of all. And, if you had us on your bucket list, let that be an impetus to make your dreams happen because we never know if “someday” will come. 

You never know when you might hear from me again and I would love to have you stay in touch. I cherish being connected to many of you on social media. If you’d like a little Thirteen Moons memento and wish to share any special memories or how we connected either in person or virtually, send me a note with your mailing address and I’ll pop something in the mail.

As always, I will continue to support Adele and her work in whatever way makes sense. Stay tuned for more news on that.  

Take care of yourself. Keep shining bright.

Love, Louise

2 thoughts on “Time to Say Goodbye”

  • Thank you for that insight! Bucket list are valid but not always a good plan to put off too long.
    Are you doing any type of occasional workshop?

    Many many thanks for your cookbook! I love it!

    Do you know of any other similar retreats?

    Blessings and Happy Retirement!!

  • Hello Louise

    I’m not sure if you remember me, but I did a portion of my internship for IHN (Institute of Holistic Nutrition) many years ago at your center. I came up for a night (maybe 2?) my memory isn’t the clearest.. and assisted with kitchen work and food prep. It was such a beautiful time and I greatly appreciated the opportunity.
    Someone I know was recently looking for a retreat center, and thought came to mind to host my own retreat as well.

    Thirteen Moons came to mind, and I decided to look you up and reconnect. And I have now learned you’ve since closed the center.
    This news brought me a lot of sadness, furthered by reading your goodbye letter. I’m sorry for your loss 🩷

    So I just wanted to share this memory with you, say hello, and remind you of how appreciated and important you and your work was and still is for the community.

    Thank you for everything to created, the space you held, the nourishment you created and the love you gave.

    I hope you are well, and I hope I hear some news from you!

    Sending you lots of love


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