Is Your Heart Longing for Healing?

Is Your Heart Longing for Healing?

We all need to take a break, step back and reflect on where we are and to be in touch with our true feelings. Often when we are going through an emotionally difficult time, we either isolate, reach out to friends who can’t fully understand, or find other vices like keeping busy or eating too much.  Instead of enduring months of inner turmoil, consider coming to the Heal Your Heart Weekend Retreat for Women to re-centre, relax, be pampered and do the deeper emotional work.

From the beginning of the weekend to the end, you will be fed nutritious and delicious food, have time to be on your own, while also feeling the support of sharing circles, be pampered (by Louise Racine), receive the warmth of a sacred fire (facilitated by Adele Passmore), stretch and relax with yoga, and do deeper work to get to the root of the hurt and issues.  The retreat is open to women who are going through any kind of heartbreak – disappointment, loss, betrayal, breakups, disillusionment.  Space is limited to 8 people, keeping it intimate and allowing Heather Embree, the host, to give you the attention that you need.

The package also includes a copy of the new Thirteen Moons cookbook, and a follow-up self-care reading so you are supported in your life when you return home.

You are worth it and your whole being will thank you for taking the time away.  If you bring a friend, you will receive a $75 gift certificate towards any Blossoming Heart Service. For more information, visit:

All I can say is Heather touched my soul – and I mean the soul that lives within my heart.  Heather’s compassion  and empathy for the group was obvious from the beginning.” – Sandra, workshop participant

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