5 Rhubarb Smoothie Recipes

5 Rhubarb Smoothie Recipes

RhubarbRhubarb is one of the least calorie vegetables – 1 stalk is about 10 calories. Nonetheless, it contains some vital nutrients such as dietary fiber,  anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins. The stalks are rich in several B-complex vitamins such as folates, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), thiamin, and pantothenic acid.


#1 Simple Rhubarb Smoothie

1 stalk rhubarb, chopped

4 frozen strawberries

4 tbsp hemp hearts

1 cup pomegranate, cherry, or cranberry juice

Blend all ingredients well and enjoy.

# 2 Strong Woman Rhubarb Smoothie

This uses a couple of Arbonne’s Essential line products, you could substitute with your favorite protein powder and adjust to taste.

1 stalk rhubarb, chopped

4 frozen strawberries

3 scoops Arbonne’s vanilla pea protein powder (20 grams vegan, gluten free protein)

1 tbsp grated fresh ginger

1 cup water

Blend well then go out and conquer your day!

You might have noticed that I try to keep the number of ingredients in my smoothies to under 5. I also tend to use what I have on hand. Many people experience digestive challenges from food combining. Keep it simple. And remember that starting your day with a cool or iced smoothie is not for everyone, especially Vata types.

#3 Green Power Smoothie

1-2 stalks rhubarb, diced

1 banana

1 handful organic baby spinach

4 tbsp hemp hearts and/or your favorite protein powder

1 cup water and 1/2 cup frozen berries or 1 cup organic superfruit juice

1 Medjool date or 1 tbsp maple syrup to sweeten (optional)

Blend well and enjoy.


#4 – Tropical Rhubarb Smoothie

I like my morning smoothie with at least 20 grams protein and not too sweet.  Adjust as you prefer.  If you can easily digest it colder and like it that way, add an ice cube.

1-2 stalks rhubarb, diced

1 mango, peeled and diced

4 tbsp hemp hearts and/or your favorite protein powder

1 cup unsweetened coconut water

1 Medjool date or 1 tbsp maple syrup to sweeten (optional)

Blend well, close your eyes and pretend  you’re at the beach.

#5 – Choco-Mocha Rhubarb Smoothie

It’s Friday so time to add a bit of chocolate to today’s smoothie.

1 stalk rhubarb, diced

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

2 coffee ice cubes or 1/2 cup cold coffee (freeze any leftover coffee in ice cube trays)

1 tsp. organic cocao

1 tsp. cocao nibs (optional)

1 cup almond milk

Blend and enjoy. If you don’t like coffee leave that out. If you need it sweeter, add a date or maple syrup.  I also add Arbonne’s chocolate protein powder to mine.


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