Why a Detox Retreat?

Clients who are used to coming here and enjoying really great, healthy meals wonder why they would come if that part of their stay was taken out of the equation.  What they don’t realize is that during our raw food detox program they still get to eat delicious food – creamy green smoothies, abundant yummy salads, luscious soups, savoury dips and crackers. Obviously, raw food refers to anything that is uncooked and it also includes food that is dehydrated or heat at temperatures below 145 degrees. So that’s why it’s possible to have seed crackers and almond tostados. Certainly some foods are eliminated during the detox process – animal products, diary, grains, caffeine, sugar – yet they are rarely missed.

Another reason to detox away from your regular life is that you really get to focus on yourself, without having to think about, shop and prepare food in a way that may not be natural for you.  Not to mention, that you can take a break from catering to others and preparing foods for them that are likely not what you would be eating while doing a cleanse. You just get to relax and be nourished. Really let you body and your mind clear itself of crap that is not serving you. Time to just be you. The benefit is you feel a whole lot better – more energy, deeper sleep, less bloating, clearer mind, and so much more including shedding weight and inches. And you’ll be inspired to adopt a healthier lifestyle so that you be the person  you were meant to be.

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