10 Great Reasons…

To Begin your Arbonne Business in DECEMBER!

Is one of your goals for 2015 to take charge of your career and finances? You might want to consider how an Arbonne business can help you do that and much more.

1. You get to take the TAX Benefits at the end of the year, without doing much to earn them. It’s like having a baby in December!

2. A camera (for before and after photos), answering machine, or computer are just a few of the tax deductible presents you might buy yourself in December!

3. Are you going to travel to see friends and family over the holidays?
Take your products, show them, leave them with a catalog and write off the trip!

4. Since Arbonne has no territories, when you are making all of your holiday telephone calls to friends, keep good records, because you can tell them all about your new Arbonne business and write off the calls!

5. You will be able to take advantage of a 35-50% discount on all of your Christmas shopping for your family and friends! Plus, they count as advertising so they are also a tax write-off!

6. Are your relatives going to visit you over the holidays? Practice on informing them about Arbonne & the products we offer and get part of your training done.

7. Are your friends and acquaintances going to holiday parties? Help them to look their best!

8. Over the holidays, you will see lots of people that you won’t see very often otherwise. What a wonderful time to be able to tell them about your new Arbonne business (and arrange for after-holiday presentations).

9. Make immediate sales by letting your friends and family know that your Arbonne store is open for last minute stocking stuffers, gifts and gift wrapping service!

10. Take advantage of some time between Christmas & the new year to review the Arbonne training materials & be prepared to share the business opportunity in the new year…when women are ready to make a change for the better. They also have gift money to spend.

Everyone is looking for an “after holiday” fun thing to do.

Intrigued? Contact Louise at 705-313-1351 to find out more.

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