Winter Solstice Celebration (Waitlist)

December 20, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Thirteen Moons
By Donation

Join us for our annual winter solstice celebration featuring a vegetarian pot luck dinner followed by a ceremony to welcome and set our intentions for the winter.

The winter is a time of darkness, and one way to honor the solstice is to lean into that darkness by enjoying the silence it brings, and by going within yourself to find your own unique light. Since the days grow shorter and the night grows longer, the winter solstice isn’t about having more light, but it’s about carrying it within yourself, whatever that means to you.

It might mean the visions you have for yourself in the future, it might mean the hope you have for the spring, or on a more tangible level, a project you’ve had in the works through the winter that you plan to finish by spring. Sit with your imagination and your thoughts; you may not be able to go outside for a walk, but you can enjoy the wide open space within yourself, which is limitless.

Limited space, RSVP required.

Cash donations ($20-$50 per person) to support Human Equine Love Project would be most appreciated to allow us to continue to offer these services to those in need.