Cooking from the Heart with Ayurvedic Principles – FULL

May 4, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

As part of our 18th anniversary celebrations, we are pleased to welcome our dear friend Kamlesh to guide us through a hands-on culinary experience.  Learn about incorporating time tested Ayurvedic principles to enrich cooking and eating superfoods on a daily basis. Experiment with different cooking methods based in ancient traditions like pickling, fermentation etc. Witness how to be disciplined and resourceful while practicing root to stem cooking practices. You will gain an understanding of how to incorporate different edible parts of vegetables traditionally thrown out. Our creations will be enjoyed as part of our new moon dinner and drumming celebrations.

Payment includes cost of workshop and dinner. Please bring $30-$35 cash for drumming.


Kamlesh Tukrel graduated with Louise at the  Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2000. She is a passionate and spontaneous cook for whom cooking healthy foods is like worship. Combining of different ingredients (local, seasonal and what is available at hand) without any set guidelines allows new and exciting dishes to reveal themselves. Kamlesh begins with a considered understanding of what is possible, with the ingredients at hand, then intuits their natural evolution into an experience! The food, before anything, needs to be infused with love and passion. Growing up in India her mother instilled a love of fresh home cooked meals without being wasteful and with an openness to trying foods from different cultures. Meanwhile her father instilled a love and respect for the Ayurvedic principles to maintain a healthy body which was in harmony within itself and the environment. His favourite adage was RASOI (cooking) means RASA—YAN (increasing digestive juices). In short, food needs to be a feast for the senses! For the last 20 years Kamlesh has been an active blogger (emphasizing inclusion of leafy greens as vital to our health) and assisted as a volunteer at The STOP community Centre teaching cooking classes.