Money, Mind & Transformation; a money coaching retreat for women
Jul 20 @ 6:00 pm – Jul 22 @ 4:00 pm








The Money, Mind and Transformation retreat is a powerful and enriching workshop and weekend retreat that past participants report changed their relationship with money.

Through awareness practice, reflection and exercises, you will explore hidden money patterns, money related beliefs and the obstacles that have prevented you from experiencing a more fulfilling, resourceful and prosperous life. The weekend will include daily mindfulness meditation practice and time for relaxation and reflection in this country retreat setting.

Over the weekend you will work through the four-step money coaching foundation process of:
-identifying underlying “hard-wired” patterns
-determining “core issues” that stem from this patterning
-beginning to gain new awareness and understanding about these patterns
-accessing insight into unconscious money attitudes, beliefs & behaviors

Money Coaching is exciting work that provides you with the opportunity to experience tremendous growth both personally and professionally. During the weekend you will examine and come to understand your own relationship with money and bring to awareness blockages that may have been keeping you from experiencing your potential.

Participants will be required to complete preparatory work before coming to the retreat. Through this workshop process you are fully immersed and engaged in your own money growth and as such need to attend all sessions. There are limited spaces available for this weekend retreat for women and a commitment to this process is required.

Rates include shared accommodation and all meals, which are vegetarian. They do not include any instructor fee. Sharon is sharing her experience within the traditional understanding of Dana. To understand Dana, please read the following:

What is Dana? Teachers teaching by “Dana”, teach freely so that anyone, no matter their financial means, can attend classes. Each time one receives teaching it is an opportunity to consciously practice generosity. Giving money and other means of support expresses gratitude and support to the teacher and helps to ensure that these teachings continue. Each person receiving teachings determines the kind and amount of Dāna/Generous donation that they wish to give. This is not an exchange; it is a practice of openness and giving freely. This practice brings awareness to thoughts, feelings and actions around money. A suggested general amount is $20-40 per day, (cash or cheque) however one gives according to ones heart and one’s financial means. When deciding how much to offer one should think about what these teachings mean to you and try to give accordingly. It is recommended that an offering of dāna be made at the beginning of a class or retreat, to establish the intention to make the most of this opportunity. One can give additionally and to whatever amount they choose. Dana is given at the time of the retreat.
To Register: email Sharon at Payment will reserve your spot.


Sharon e. Davison is a facilitator, coach, trainer, and meditation practitioner who holds a degree (B Ed. Adult) from Brock University, a Career and Work Counsellor diploma, and is certified Money Coach through the Money Coaching Institute in California. The common focus in her work is increasing awareness and making behavioural shifts.

Sisterhood Getaway
Aug 10 @ 5:00 pm – Aug 12 @ 3:00 pm

Adele having fun on the land!

Time for a Getaway?

Feeling a call or need for a getaway, some sisterhood fun, inspiration and a little creative, playful indulgence? One rule, you must leave the judge and jury at home and invite your young playful self out for an adventure she is certain to enjoy and love you for. When is the last time you spent time with “sisters” and experienced real joy with deep belly laughs?

Perhaps you simply feel disconnected from who you are and or a little overwhelmed from your life’s day to day. We invite you to getaway for the weekend reconnecting with and recharging your relationship with yourself  in a safe, caring and sacred manner. Spending time with like minded sisters can fill your soul.

What are the things that brought you joy as a young girl?  Let’s remember that together so we can connect with the pure joy that resides within.

What a recent visitor said about being here: “Once again you, Adele and 13 Moons have worked your special magic. We are so blessed to have shared this time together here.”  DT

What to Expect

We will begin our time together on Friday with dinner followed by an intention setting circle and a few fun get to know each other activities.

Our days will be spent on the land exploring wonderful ways in which to connect with the girl within. You’ll get to spend some time with Adele of In Circle with Life‘s rescue horses Mickey and Noah and will be surprised by the insights you get from them. Discover your voice and personal rhythm with drums as our helpers. Weather permitting we will be blessed with time around the fire. There will also be time for creative expression, connecting with the artist within all of us.

We’ll also come together to create a soul nourishing meal with some of your favorite seasonal foods. Women cooking together builds community. Cooking with Louise is educational, fun, and inspirational.

Saturday evening will focus on learning simple ways of self care and of being together with other women to enhance our strengths and resilience when we are apart.

Retreat fee includes shared accommodation and delicious vegetarian meals and snacks plus all activities. Space for 7 participants indoors.  Camping is an option.  Opportunity for one work exchange is available for this retreat. Email  for details.

Save $50 with deposit by June 21.