Intro to Horse Medicine

May 27, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Curious and want to understand some of the many ways in which we can learn from horses and how they can manifest change within us? Come witness some of the many reasons why this work is so powerful as Adele shares her own personal healing with them.

It is known that horses changed and expanded the world for the most humans but for First Peoples of Canada it was indeed important. These great beings were simply one more of their many relations. They were treated as family and in so doing developed powerful connections and understandings of each other.

This gathering is an opportunity for you to learn what horses can show us about ourselves even as they communicate without words.
Specifically, you will:
*learn about horse behaviour
*witness emotional energy in motion
*gain an understanding of what it means to truly live authentically
*experience what it means to be grounded and in the flow of each moment.

You will be introduced to Adele’s two rescue horses Mickey and Noah and Support a heartfelt call for HELP (Human Equine Love Project). This project is about humans supporting the healing of horses and them doing the same for us. Providing opportunities for those with more needs than means supported by those with more means than needs. Everyone wins in this circle of healing offering an opportunity to practice giving and receiving, Please connect with Adele for more information on how you can help.

We offer 3 options for you to join us on this full moon:

  1. workshop and light lunch only ($100)
  2. dinner, drumming, overnight with breakfast, workshop and lunch ($245)
  3. both Saturday and Sunday events plus overnight stay with breakfast ($295)

These discounted package rates are limited to 4 people. Overnight accommodation is shared (twin or double).  Private accommodation may be available at an additional charge, space permitting.

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