Your Permaculture Garden
Apr 28 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

This introductory course is designed for your home, rural or urban garden

“Permaculture” = Permanent Agriculture
a gardening design system of restoring the land to natural diversity toward the end goal of enabling a permanent perennial food supply that is in harmony with all life within it and surrounding it.

As food growers we are becoming increasingly concerned with growing healthy produce for our families in resilient soil and gardens. This course will introduce strategies and ideas that you can easily implement in your own home garden.

We will discuss the how to’s and what for’s of composting, mulching, various garden designs and companion planting.

Vegetarian dinner optional for an additional $25.

Andrea Connell is a Peterborough resident, an active transitioner and long time practicing and certified Permaculturist. Her business New Leaf Permaculture provides workshop programs for a well-grounded life.