Creative Writing Weekend Getaway
Nov 17 @ 5:00 pm – Nov 19 @ 3:00 pm

Create a short story in a weekend! Join us for a Creative Writing Weekend where reflective writing meets storytelling. ‘Rapid write’ warm-ups, ice-breaker games, journal writing, and solo time to write – will serve to ignite each writer’s own short story creation.

Space is limited to 6 writing participants who together will share in the renowned food and land of Thirteen Moons while each crafts their own unique story. One-on-one time with the instructor, solitary writing time, and creative interaction with fellow writers promise to make this a transformative writing weekend. Register by October 25th to save $100.

Participants gather on Friday night, check-in to their rooms and enjoy a mix-n’-mingle evening sprinkled with fun ‘kick-off’ activities. Saturday sees participants sharing in a delicious breakfast, morning workshop activities, lunch, outdoor journey, and a luxurious solo writing afternoon capped off by a delicious nighttime feast and a surprise post-dinner activity. Sunday offers participants two more sumptuous meals, story writing/ editing/polishing time, and group sharing with a 3pm finish.

Facilitator: Maureen Verboom

Maureen Verboom is a writer, storyteller, teacher, program manager, and Not-for-profit (NFP) Executive Director. Maureen traces her love of story to her Irish grandparents who were well-known in their Toronto neighbourhood for welcoming friends, newcomers, and family to gather round their dining table to share a meal, tell a tale, and sing and song.

In Verboom’s early career years she brought storytelling to her work in communications, marketing, and client services in Toronto’s Financial Services sector. Following a sabbatical in 2009 where she earned her Master’s in Education, Verboom stepped into Toronto’s NFP sector managing theatre productions, communications, and Arts & Culture programming – all the while rolling up her sleeves to write grants, create marketing communiques, craft educational curriculum, and deliver creative workshops.

As a regular contributor and assistant-editor to the online publication Glamamama (2007-2011), Maureen continued to feed her love of writing and storytelling. Following the magazine’s dissolution, she began in earnest to work on her own writing projects and to focus on her teaching practice.

This year, Maureen established Butterfly Heart Media, anchoring a hub from which to grow her love of story and creative pursuits. Look for the launch of Butterfly Heart Media’s® web site in 2018.

To book Writing Workshops or inquire about Writing or Editing services contact Maureen at:

Spirit, Drums and Horses
Apr 26 @ 7:00 pm – Apr 30 @ 2:00 pm

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Do you ever ask yourself WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE?

Are YOU ready to create your very own drum and explore the possibilities that come from that experience?

Are YOU ready to connect with your ancestral wisdom as you seek to heal yourself and your family in the present?

Are YOU ready to remember all you are meant to be through Spirit, Drums and Horses as you walk in circle with life?

Are YOU ready to shout out HERE I AM?

Here’s a video message from Adele.

Then join in and be inspired by two sisters who are living with passion and purpose. Be transformed by this unique life enhancing experience filled weekend of heart medicine like no other. Adele Racine Passmore, Heart Medicine Woman of In Circle with Life and Louise Racine, owner of Thirteen Moons Wellness would be honoured to share this experience and hold space for you along with the horses at Glen-Te-Gal Stables, home of Adele’s two rescue horses for this transformational weekend.

Here’s what recent participants had to say about the experience:

This is where the transformative personal experience meet nature in its simplicity and splendor. I cried, laughed and sang connecting with my past standing certain in my present and made a plan for my future. It was at once simple and wondrous. And I can’t say enough about how introspective, transformative, informative and relaxing this entire experience of Spirit, Drums and Horses was for me.” MV

“Life Altering. This is the perfect retreat if you are at a crossroads in your life. It will make you think differently about your perceived or real obstacles that hold you back from living your authentic self.”

“I loved it. The experiences, the food, the horses and the group itself were great. I came with sort of an unknowing of myself. I have learned so much through stories, lessons and playing.”

This four day offering is open to women wanting to create their own drum with Adele and who are looking to FEEL and learn from being in the medicine of the horses and all they have to offer. It is designed for those who are looking to develop and learn to blend instinct, intuition and intellect to help discover what is possible in life and those who are ready to invest in themselves.

Your home for the weekend will be the sacred and healing land that is Thirteen Moons Wellness in Norwood, Ontario. The land on which we made our drums more than fourteen years ago and where Adele experienced much personal healing. She has since made drums with over a hundred women, men and children, as well as sharing her personal medicine with thousands of beautiful souls facilitating drumming circles. This is an amazing opportunity for those of you who have been longing to make 2017 the year you say YES to life, to your life.

This opportunity to join us for a most unique, intimate and personalized experience is limited to 4 participants.

During our time together, you will:

Create you own drum and explore ancestral wisdom (an untapped resource within us all)
Expose key beliefs, attitudes and emotions that may be limiting your happiness
Learn to work with emotions simply as information for greater self-awareness and emotional agility
Connect with your heart wisdom and allow clarity of your passions and purpose to begin to make itself known.
On day one, your heart will be stimulated as Adele guides you through making your personal drum. This magical journey is meant to prompt ancestral curiosity and awaken your connection to your own heritage and hearts’ calling.
Day two and three, participate in a series of unique, one-on-one exercises with the horses. Using Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL), where no experience is needed as participants engage in ground exercises with horses in a safe and controlled setting, discovering what’s it is truly possible within you, while gaining new insights that can be applied at home and at work.

On day four, you will take part in a drum awakening ceremony, where the unique voice of each drum will be heard for the first time. During this ceremony, you will have an opportunity to share your ancestral stories and food, exchange heart gifts, drum and sing in celebration.

Your time with us will allow you to benefit from a key component of a Thirteen Moons experience: the power of food to heal, nourish and soothe our bodies, minds and spirits.

You will also enjoy an evening of pampering with a spa night featuring facials and foot soaks.

Package includes shared overnight accommodation for 4 nights, all meals, workshop activities, and materials. Private accommodation available for an additional cost, space permitting.

Payment options:

Option 1: $1595 with full payment by February 1st

Option 2: $1895 with $500 non refundable deposit by February 1st with balance due April 15th